Provestra Pills No. 1

Provestra Proprietary Blend

Provestra™ was developed by Naturopathic Medical Practitioners and is made by one of the leading manufacturers of speciality sexual enhancement products.

Following years of research and studies of women's sexual drive and responsiveness, the Provestra™ herbal formulation was developed. Each ingredient was selected in it's specific dose to enhance a woman's sexual and reproductive health, clitoral arousal, sexual response and sensitivity.

Each Provestra™ tablet contains the following active ingredients:

Red raspberry leaf

Known to scientists to be a female tonic and mild aphrodisiac, this key ingredient helps to regulate the uterine contractor and is often called the 'pregnancy herb' because of its links to fertility.

Liquorice root

Not only tones but also strengthens the adrenal glands, boosting sexual health, natural lubrication and hormonal function.

Damiana leaf

For centuries, Damiana has been used as an aphrodisiac because of it's remarkable ability to increase stimulation and blood content in the areas of high nerve concentration, including the genitals.

Valerian root

Has many generally positive effects on the human condition including restoring stress balances, reducing tension and aiding restful sleep. In women Valarian root is also known to help ease menstrual cramps, leading to a generally more balanced sexual level.

Ginger root

Is contained to help speed up and improve the body's acceptance of the other proprietary herbs.

Black cohosh root

Helps to improve the sensations in the female genital region, including the bodies flexibility in uterine and vaginal contraction, as it is a mild muscle relaxant. This wonder herb also balances hormonal levels and is also regarded as a mild sedative.

Only Provestra™ contains these active herbs, blended with the non-active ingredients to produce the most powerful combination natural therapy for women.

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